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no_ka_oi's Journal

kesha-leah :)

Hi, I'm Kesha-Leah :). My username is Hawaiian and means "the best". I come from this small island in Hawaii called Molokai, and I love it! I enjoy reading a lot and spending time with family and friends (especially my cousins, who are super random :D). I'm really introverted. I don't mind being by myself (I can think better alone) and I don't mind just staying at home doing nothing (relaxing). I can get random at times, especially when I'm hyper (don't even TRY giving me coffee) or around my awesome group of friends. The thing I really want to do in life is travel around the world, learn new things, and have new and exciting experiences!
"See we can sit in a distant haze and watch rain clouds pour thoughts of greatness and sail our troubles real far away...well it's a struggle, everyday we're stressing; but what's a life without dedication? I'm trying to pick up the soul's intention to soak in music; relaxation."

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